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MBA Project Topics for Project Management

  1. Study on project cost estimation techniques in construction project
  2. Application of Project Management Processes to the Global Product Development System
  3. Study on Project Cost Estimation techniques
  4. Study on Virtual Project Management in IT Sector in India
  5. Study on the Importance of HRM in Project Management- A case study of ABC Company
  6. Study on Cost-Cutting Software Targeting Small and Medium Businesses
  7. Enterprise Resource Planning – Benefits and drawbacks
  8. Project Roles and Responsibilities
  9. A Study on Software Project Management: opportunities and challenges
  10. Overview of various aspects of an IT project management
  11. Study on Lean project management with reference to XYZ Company
  12. Project planning for the renovation of a mall
  13. I.T Vendor Management-An Overview
  14. Project Scheduling & Tracking Tools in IT/ITES Sector in India
  15. Study of Cost Estimation Method in Infrastructure Sector in India
  16. Roles & Responsibilities in the I.T Project
  17. Roles & Responsibilities of Various Team Members in the I.T Project
  18. Development of an IT Project – An Overview
  19. Study of Project Management & Its needs and Phases
  20. Project Management & Its needs and Phases
  21. Project Team Governance
  22. Various steps of effective project monitoring
  23. Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) in IT In industry
  24. Study of Challenges in Project Scheduling
  25. Study of Project Team Management- An Overview
  26. Importance of Project Communication- Its Importance & Benefits
  27. Study of Work Breakdown Structure & Its Importance

and many more….!