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MBA Project Topics for Information Systems INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (MBA IT/IS)

  1. Role of software agents as a collaborative tool-Ecommerce
  2. Hospital Management System-Database Approach
  3. Automation of Banking database, XYZ Bank.
  4. Automation of Customer Relation Database, A SAP Product
  5. A study on Electronic data storage
  6. MBA Project topics for Project Management
  7. A webpage design using JAVA-Google page
  8. Application of Project Management Processes to the Global Product Development System
  9. TRIZ applied in Product Development Project Prioritization.
  10. Project Cost Estimation
  11. Virtual Project Management
  12. Continuous Business Process Improvement (CBPI)
  13. Force Field Analysis
  14. Recent Revolutions in Project Management
  15. Information Risk Management
  16. Modern Trends in Project Management Perception
  17. Knowledge Management in Project Management
  18. Project Management Application Softwares
  19. Project Risk Management
  20. Project Administration
  21. Project Feasibility Studies
  22. Importance of Human Resource Management in Project Management.

and many more….!